Independent Barcelona Coffee Festival: the place 2be for every coffee addict!

Saturday Aaron and I were going to the Sports museum on the Montjuïc but when we had a stop at the Olympic stadium and Aaron was checking his Instagram we found something.. There was a small ‘festival’ called: Independent Barcelona Coffee Festival, where you could have a FREE coffee and enjoy the Spanish atmosphere.

So change of plans! Let’s go to the other side of this beautiful city!

For me coffee is just more than a drink. It’s a habit, every morning a caffeine shot with some milk and sugar. It’s a perfect start of the day! So this was like heaven on earth, especially with this weather.. In Belgium it’s a really good weather and here it’s raining, what the hell is going on?

But never mind, we took two coffees and enjoyed our afternoon.


Last week it was the final week of our Masterclass. The student are going home. One of them back to the United States, two of them to Mexico and three will stay in Spain. The last ten weeks were really intensive and we became a family. Together with our bosses, the coaches and the students we became one family. Thanks for everything and we will meet soon!

Sant Jordi, a Catalonian tradition

Lovers, roses and books. On April 23 World Book Day becomes an romantic festivity in Barcelona. The Catalonian people celebrate their patron saint, Sant Jordi, with a lovely tradition.

It’s like Valentine’s day and all the citizens are selling roses and books. The boy should buy a rose for his girl and the girl needs to buy a book for her lover.

Below you can see Casa Batlló, one of Barcelona’s famous spots, decorated with 100 roses.

Amigos en Barcelona

Lars and Yentl were here to visit this lovely city. Friday we went to café Pages with the whole group. On Saturday we went to the beach, played some soccer and enjoyed the lovely weather, afterwards we went to the game of RCD Espanyol against Atlético de Madrid. At night: fiestaaa and on Sunday we visited the Olympic town. On Monday we went to the Camp Nou Experience.

El Clásico

What a game! What an atmosphere! What an experience!

Unfortunately FC Barcelona lost the game. Gerard Piqué gave FCB the lead but goals of Karim Benzema and Cristiano Ronaldo changed the game.

You can watch a little Aftermovie :


Credits to Aaron Persoons for the aftermovie.

El Clásico Tifo V

Internship Thomas at Sport Networking Barcelona